SARKUYSAN — is a group of companies, consisting of Sarmakina A.Ş., a manufacturer of machinery spare parts for the wire and cable industry, steel reels, Demisaş A.Ş., a manufacturer of nodular and gray iron and various parts for the automotive industry, Sarda A.Ş. marketing and sales company of Sarkuysan products and Bektaş A.Ş. a participating company in Bemka A.Ş., the enamelled copper wire manufacturer. In line with its intensive export sales marketing efforts, Sarkuysan has a branch, Sarkuysan S.P.A., in Italy and sales and marketing incorporation, Sark-USA, Inc., in the USA since 2002. Sark-Wire, Incorporated in Albany, New York, commenced production at its own plant in Albany towards the end of 2009.

The production plants of Sarkuysan are located in Gebze and Darıca, on the premises of an area of 180 000 m² and with a covered area of over 77 000 m² where electrolytic copper products, copper wire rod, wires, billets, contact wire, tube and bus bars are produced. The company increased annual production capacity to over 200 000 per year.
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SAR MAKINA Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. — was founded by Turkey’s leading copper manufacturer SARKUYSAN in 1991 in Istanbul. SAR MAKINA — is an engineering, manufacturing and contracting company operating in Darıca, with 16 000 m² total area and 13 000 m² floor area.

SAR MAKINA provides complete solutions for especially wire and cable industry in domestic and foreign markets with more than 1000 pay-offs, take-ups, rewinders, double twist bunchers, emulsion filters, emulsion cooling systems, tin plating lines, automatic winding machines, vacuum evaporators running all over the world, as well as of more than 10 000 steel reels of various design every year, reel equipment, copper busbars and insulated copper wire.
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BELGIN Oil one of the leading lubricants & grease manufacturers in Turkey, started its operations in 1953, Goztepe, Istanbul. BELGIN is continuously growing in line with its vision and strategy in a sustainable manner.

Today, carrying out its operations in the facilities located at Gebze Organized Industry Zone on a land covering 25 500 m², with a 40 000 tons per year capacity, BELGIN is exporting its high quality & performance products which are also certified by international authorities, to more than 40 countries.

BELGIN is offering its high-quality products in 5 main categories, Metal Working Oils, Industrial lubricants, Automotive lubricants, Greases and Marine lubricants in 34 product groups with 1000 different synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral type of products to the industry and consumers worldwide.
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VIG MAKINA is a family company which was established in 1991 by Vedat Gungoren and Inci Gungoren. It continues to serve its customers with innovations and technologic applications in machine manufacturing factory in Gebze. All VIG Paint systems are designed specifically for meeting product’s paint and surface finish requirements and presenting economically suitable solutions while protecting the high quality.

The main activities of VIG MAKINA are the design and manufacture of complete lines and individual equipment for the production of aluminum strip, as well as the construction of workshops and equipment for the preparation, treatment and painting of surfaces of cars and rolling stock, in particular cataphoresis primer, robotic and manual abrasive blasting and painting.

The company offers the implementation of turnkey projects, including the construction of production facilities. In addition to staff training services, upon customer request, VIG MAKINA provides specialists for the start of production equipment. Also, modernization and / or partial delivery of equipment for existing manufacturing enterprises is possible.
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ALCOMET AD is one of the leading manufacturers of rolled and extruded aluminum products in the Balkans and the only one of its kind in Bulgaria housing the production of both types of products.

Benefitting from nearly 35 years of experience in the sphere of non-ferrous metallurgy, today ALCOMET AD offers a large variety of foils, sheets, strips and profiles with total production capacity of 170 000 tons per year.
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KBM Affilips B.V.

KBM Affilips B.V. — is the world famous marketing and sales company for the master alloys manufactured by its production companies KBM Master Alloys B.V. and Affilips N.V., production takes place in three metallurgical plants in The Netherlands and Belgium, both founded in the early sixties of the last century.

KBM Master Alloys B.V. – Delfzijl* and Oss (NL)
KBM has established a reputation as an innovator and cost leader in the production of Aluminium-titanium-boron grain refiners for the aluminium industry, offering a wide range of advanced products in this field. Other products include Aluminium-strontium and alloying tablets/briquettes.
Affilips N.V. – Tienen (B)
Affilips has an excellent reputation as a producer of aluminium, copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc based master alloys. Affilips’ customers use these master alloys in the manufacture of a wide range of highly specialized metal products, including special steels and superalloys for aircraft engines, nuclear reactors and other demanding applications.

Master alloys make a similar subdivision into «hardeners», «grain refiners» and «special alloys», as well as rod feeders.
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VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

VisiConsult — is a family owned company located in Northern Germany and known as the leading supplier for customized and standard X-ray inspection systems. To ensure a premium quality, all products are developed and produced locally as turnkey solutions. This leads to cutting edge technology and an unmatched flexibility.

Our goal is to solve inspection problems with tailored systems, while guaranteeing a premium post-sales service. More than 25 years of expertise in industrial (NDT) and security applications combined with experienced engineers result in solutions that set new industry standards.

The company offers its products in the following areas:
   — Non-destructive testing (NDT);
   — Security;
   — Electronics;
   — Software
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Qingdao Ideal Engineering

QIE&T (Qingdao Ideal Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd)  focus on complete solutions for metallurgical industry. Machinery equipment, refractory materials, consumables, and turnkey engineering projects are the main services of company. 
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