About us

ALCU LLC is a new member of the UKREST team of companies that have been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2000. Foundry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, industrial materials and international trade are the main activities of our group of companies.

The company «ALCU» is specialized in aluminum alloy (AL) and copper (CU), their finished products, non-ferrous metals in general, auxiliary materials, equipment, and secondary metallurgy, X-ray equipment, oil and grease.

Our company is the only representative and distributor of the following foreign companies in Ukraine:

SARKUYSAN — is the largest Turkish manufacturer of copper rod, wire, pipes, busbars and overhead wire.

SAR MAKINA — is one of the largest Turkish manufacturers of equipment for the production of cable and wire products such as pay-off devices, receiving devices, rewinding machines, double twist machines, emulsion filters, emulsion cooling systems, tinning lines, automatic bobbin coilers, vacuum evaporators, and also steel drums of various designs, copper busbars.

BELGIN OIL — is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial oils and lubricants in Turkey, with extensive experience and know-how that has been accumulated since 1953.

VIG MAKINA — design and manufacture of complete lines and separate equipment Rolling mills, Industrial furnaces, Twin-roll installations for continuous casting for the production of aluminum strip, as well as the construction of workshops and equipment for the preparation, processing and painting of surfaces of cars and rolling stock, in particular cataphoresis primer, robotic and manual abrasive blasting and painting.

ALCOMET AD — is the largest aluminum company in Bulgaria. Their production includes: casting, rolling and extrusion products.

PANELSAN — is the largest manufacturer of roof and facade panels in Turkey.

KBM Affilips — is a globally renowned marketing and sales company for master alloys produced by three KBM Master Alloys B.V. and Affilips N.V. plants in the Netherlands and Belgium. The additives produced can be divided into groups in a similar way: «modifiers», «grain refiners», «hardeners» and «special alloys», as well as bar feed mechanisms.

VisiConsult X-ray Systems — is a leading supplier of customized and standard X-ray inspection systems.

IDEAL QINGDAO ENGINEERING is enables us to supply equipment and goods for the nonferrous metallurgy industry from China to any enterprise.

Secondary products: we are interested in any kind of Al ingots and export it to our foreign partners.